Constitution of

The Australian Akhal Teke


(In process of development)

Logo for Australian Association

Svengali, the first Akhal Teke to come to Australia demonstrating the famous Teke "snake-like" trot.


1) To introduce this rare horse breed to the Australian continent which has a similar dry climate to their homeland which would suit the Akhal Teke horse.


2) To introduce the Akhal Teke horse to the Australian horse enthusiasts as a very old but "new" rare breed thought to be the best in the world by Akhal Teke afficionadoes- " known as "The Heavenly Horses" in antiquity.


3) To preserve the genetic pool of Pure bred Akhal Tekes and to make the best use of this genetic pool.

4) To breed the best to the best. To continue the legacy of breeding handed down through history from Turkmenistan and now to the rest of the world.

5) To encourage the participation of these horses in suitable horse sports and work- Dressage, Endurance.

6) At all times having concern that the horses welfare is of prime importance, not human self-glorification and aggrandisement to the detriment of the horse.


1) To register all Akhal Teke horses in Australia by blood and DNA testing.

2) To keep a register of all Akhal Teke horses.

3) To grade all horses according to the MAAK guidelines

4) To be selective in the breeding. To breed the best progeny.

5) Artificial insemination will be allowed along MAAK guidelines to enlarge the gene pool available in Australia and in the world to different breeders.

6) Embryo transfer also allowed under close veterinary supervision.

7) To ensure horse ownership is not a passing fad or fancy, based on fashion. That those interested make a long term commitment to the Akhal Teke horse.